Shane is our Rockcote Man! He can answer any and all of your questions about Rockcote products and connect you with our Rockcote Client Account Manager, Stefan for your orders. We caught up with Shane for an in-depth look at Rockcote.

Q. Presently, what type of Perth businesses are showing the most interest in Rockcote? What is their feedback?
Shane: Currently, Rockcote is receiving an extremely warm and inviting reception from a variety of WA businesses. I am spending more and more time with Render & Texture applicators who want to support ‘Australian made’, but also want the very best products (that outperform competitors!). Once an applicator tries our products it very hard for them to go back to what they have used in the past! Quite simply this is because Rockcote costs no more, yet offers a superior finish, is easy to apply and is Australian-made. The other side of my time is with architects that, again, want to support an Australian product but also want the back-up support and warranties that Rockcote provide. In both instances the feedback is always “WOW, you were right Shane, it truly is fantastic.”

Q. Builders and tradies know there are other cement, rendering and paint brands out there, so why would they choose Rockcote?
Shane: That’s easy. Rockcote is a 100% Australian family owned and operated business spanning 40 years. Rockcote reinvests into maintaining and creating the very best products available, hence why they are the largest on the east coast and are now focused on becoming the largest in WA as well. If a builder wants the best they choose Rockcote. The great thing is, you don’t pay more to have the best  – it’s really that simple.

Q. You recently worked on a project with insta-influencer and Perth Exterior Designer, Ascher Smith, who has a following of over 33,000! Can you talk us through which products she used on her project?
Shane: Yes this is the fun part of my job! Ascher and her family are just a fantastic, fun loving bunch that enjoy creating stunning interior and exterior finishes. One of Ascher’s projects is her own home. She has chosen a few products from our range to completely change the look of her home. Covering the old brickwork is our PM100 (Polymer Modified Render) and the finish she has chosen is our stunning Smooth Set – giving her home that classic white finish that is still warm in appearance. Ask Ascher herself what she thinks of Rockcote and she’ll undoubtedly say:  “I love it!”

Q. What are the current best-sellers, and why?
Shane: That’s a hard question as we are selling more and more in each range every week. Obviously our PM100 render (being the very best available) is selling extremely well because of the different substrates on job sites. These days it’s perfect because it will not ‘craze’ and will not create efflorescence like site mix can. Another strong seller because of the easy of application and finish is our Tuscany Texture. We are finding due to Ascher Smith’s influence we are having a massive uplift in popularity of Smooth Set and Concrete Finish . These products create a stunning, smooth, decorative finish for both internal and external jobs.  Word has also gotten out regarding our Primers, which are excellent, so sales are on the up! These primers WILL block efflorescence if you choose to use site mix giving the owner or builder complete peace of mind.

Q. What is your personal favourite Rockcote product and why?
Shane:  You do ask the hard questions … how do I choose… Rockcote’s entire range including Natural Materials, I just love. However, if I had to choose it would be the very high-end Sandcote Hydratech. This is just an amazing texture that has a wonderful appearance, utilising some genius technology. Sandcote Hydratech has built-in water repellency and when applied using the Rockcote system comes with a 15 year warranty with no need for a top coat membrane. It is an absolute game changer in the texture market – and I can’t wait for word to get out about this product!

Q. What do you enjoy most about your role as our Rockcote Business Developer?
Shane: It’s just the best job in the world. Bob and Chris (Rockcote owners) are just fabulous people and everyone within the company are just amazing in their field – nothing is ever too hard and you will always get the right answer no matter what.
Every single day is different and exciting. On one day it might be dusty on-site talking with the important guys that are applying the products, then the next day you could be in meetings with designers and architects discussing what products to specify on what substrates to create that “special feel and look” for a 20 storey project.
The variety is fabulous, whether its an owner builder wanting to create a Zero VOC Home in the bush or one of our local developers creating beautiful looking multi residential units, or the applicators enjoying using great products that makes their lives easier. I enjoy it immensely.

Cheers for your time, Shane! 

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