Versatile is committed to healthier homes for Western Australians.

CSIRO estimates that indoor air pollution costs the Australian community in excess of $12 billion a year in illness and lost productivity. As Australia strives to lower air-pollution and improve public health, the emergence of low-VOC paints has been critical. We are one of the few building supplies stores in WA that stock a comprehensive range of very low VOC paints that have been classified as non-hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia.

Benzene, is a typical VOC or ‘volatile organic compound’, found in regular house paints. Even though Australia has mandated limits of VOC percentages in products, regular paint can give off low level toxic fumes that can cause breathing irritations and headaches. Some VOCs may also cause nervous system and organ damage, according to the American Lung Association. Maternal exposure to some VOCs found in paint may raise the risk for low birth weight, which in turn is associated with an increased risk for delayed development or learning disabilities.

Even when using paints that are classified as low VOC, immune suppressed individuals with conditions such as chronic fatigue and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), as well as pregnant women and young children, should avoid rooms with fresh paint.

The good news is, here at Versatile, we are one of the only locally based building supplies stores that offers Perth non-toxic, very low VOC eco paints.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle paint is a premium quality, very low VOC water-borne paint. Areas painted with ROCKCOTE EcoStyle paint have no lingering paint fumes, or problems arising from residual chemical off-gassing.

We stock the full range and can mix colours onsite to match your décor or previously used paint colours. We welcome both trade direct and general public in purchasing our range of non-toxic, very low VOC healthier choice paints by ROCKCOTE.

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